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The purpose of the mission… (cont.)

Thanks to Noxid’s clear love of the original PC translation, I came up with the idea to have a third party to spot check both translations! The results…
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The purpose of the mission…

^_^ My favorite fanart ^_^

…So, I figured I should make a short update.
I haven’t been feeling so good, but I have done a little research for Cloud Story.
I got on youtube and compared most of the Cave Story english translation with the
Cave Story Wii translation. There were a few major points that were changed…
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Cave Story Fan Art!

I should be fine creating sprites for Cloud Story, but making art? Well, for inspiration I dug up as much Cave Story fan art as I could find. There was a lot of good stuff out there!!

I was originally going to make a post with images, but it ended up being 100 megs… and nobody wants a 100 meg blog post… Instead enjoy a 25 minute video I recorded showing off a lot of good fan art for Cave Story! Enjoy!

HINT : try setting it to full screen, it works great as a screensaver while you are doing something else…
Also if you click on HD and go to the vimeo site it will look very nice.

Major Delay…

Let it be a lesson to all; if you say you will do something, think things through before you accept! I’m really gung-ho about getting Cloud Story part 1 done, but now a prior commitment has come back to zombie grab me. Although, I will continue to work on Cloud Story, any demo release I may have wanted to get out by the summer will undoubtably be pushed back to fall.

The paid gig I agreed to work on is for Japanese to English image editing for an english translation of the visual novel School Days HQ on behalf of JAST USA.
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Minor update #1

Been getting some practice with Cave Editor and using the ptCollage program for music creation. This is GOOD! Now I just need to start sprite creation.

Meanwhile, the cloud stories are shaping up. I’ve got an idea for most of the areas in the game. Still, need to come up with a couple more… Something memorable… Any suggestions?