Incoming Transmission…


Years before the famed events of Cave Story, the world was a very different place.

The Island of clouds bustled with life.  Mimigas, humans, robots; all worked together.

Rushing to discover its history and its many secrets brought wealth to the explorers.

One of the great mysteries of the age, had become a common sight to the surface.

And they looked enviously up at the Island as its shadow passed over them.

… “Get to the good part!”  HUZZAH!

Well, it’s official!  I’m announcing the start of my first real blog and I’m getting busy on my incredibly delayed Cave Story prequel mod, Cloud Story : Kumo Monogatari. 


The grand plan is that the mod will be at least equal to the length of Cave Story multipled by 3,  divided into three episodes.  It could be possible to shorten it into one, long game.  But, I don’t know how much I can stuff into doukutsu.exe. 

Part 1 is the canon section that is hinted at during Cave Story.  Part 2 would be during the War.  And Part 3 would be how it ends.  Since Part 1 is going to be at least as long as Cave Story it will probably just be divided into episodes.

I really think I’m in over my head with this project; but, *years* later after first coming up with the idea; I still don’t know when to give up, so it’s about time to crank this mod out…   …To be frank though, I’m really still at 0% completion with the mod.  But, that’s not to say I don’t have a buttload of stuff for the mod in some form or another. 

The greatest challenge besides motivation; has been coming up with a prequel story that could try to possibly capture the same magic that Pixel used in creating Cave Story.  And after countless theories, writing the entire game of Cave Story on paper, studying the game and lastly imagining and filling in the blanks; I am finally closing in on a story that I can feel proud of.

My hope is to create a prequel that will enhance the original.  Making things snap into place.  Giving you an Oh, yeah! I get it now; as you play the original with fresh eyes.  But, at the same time creating a game that can stand on its own, complete with its own history.  So, if someone wanted to create a prequel to Cloud Story, the hints are there, to continue the tradition. 

…And of course, it needs to be fun!

In the end, I cannot claim anything as canon, as I’m not Pixel…  But, assuming there will never be an official Pixel prequel game, I will just have to do my darndest to do the story justice and work towards the best end with sweat, blood and toil!  (hopefully not much blood..)

Well, it’s LATE and I go on and on…  I’ve been up for hours setting up this blog.  Time to use the bed. 

Do you wish to rest?



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