1997 , October 1 , The END DAY

I thought it would be worth mentioning the game that has had the most impact with my mod’s direction : Crystalis, aka God Slayer: Sonata of the Far-Away Sky.



Crystalis, an underrated cult-classic action RPG for the NES, is Cave Story’s long lost prequel.




…Okay, maybe not. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was!

The floating tower. The humanoid rabbit people that talk and have their own village far away. The magic abilities the main character have versus Misery and Ballos’ magic. Even the ending picture of the tower falling has a striking resemblence of the island falling into a mountain range! And the final foe seems like an organic core set in a technologically rich setting.

Did I mention the main character has amnesia? The also sleeping girl you are on a mission with, Mesia… that’s pretty close to Misery… Mesia… Mesiry. Her hair color… blue. Maybe I’m just grabbing at straw, but the story could fit well into the Cave Story universe. And mostly I wonder if Pixel played it as well, and if so, how much it influenced him.


In my own imagination, CrystaliS, Cave Story, and Cloud Story could all be related. Cave Story being the present. Cloud Story being the 10 years ago war. Ballos’ Kingdom being perhaps a many, many years ago. And Crystalis being maybe another 1000 before that.

If you play it, I’d bet you’d at least entertain this idea as well! It’s too good to pass up this untapped potential! Fans have been wishing for a sequel for decades…

Oh by the way, I don’t know if it’s intentional… but Ralren’s Cave Story Mod, Path of Ruin : The symbol used by Miakid’s soldiers. Looks QUITE similar to a certain very important artifact in Crystalis… Coincidence? Nay… FATE!

Enjoy a song from Crystalis!

In any case, I highly recommend checking out this classic game if you ever get a chance.
It is pretty short! (Although perhaps you should wait till Cloud Story is released! *hint hint*)


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