I’m sure I can complete CS, provided I only live long enough.

Not much to report right now, except that I am continuing to tie up loose ends.  Double checking existing concepts, or changing or verifying important ideas. Also hoping to hear back from JTE about the multiplayer aspect in Agora’s Legends….

The difference between this time, and the long period before now: this time I continue to plow on, instead of stopping as soon as I hit a roadblock. *CRASH*



Perhaps I should just make stuff up, and be done with it. But, I think that freedom is reserved for a sequel.  With a sequel, you keep in mind your origins and start brand new adventures.
But, a prequel is more troublesome.  Instead it is about making everything fit jusssst right.  You are creating the origins for origin; and one false move will break the immersion since you are making something that everybody already has their own idas about.  To meet expectations with a prequel, you have to dive into the details, so that all the major concepts can be accepted by players of the original.  This being especially true, when the story is not your own.

I think the ultimate goal for any prequel, is to create a story that can be looked at as the new original. Meaning, you can play the prequel first and continue on in sequence without missing a beat.  Now, I don’t expect to meet everybody’s expectations, but I would like to at least meet my own!

Whew…  Big talk, small action!  …What? 

Instead of writing story spoilers (people don’t want that right?) I’ll go over the few modding accomplishments I have, unrelated to Cave Story to add a little background to myself.

  • I did some textures for Morrowind, in which I tried to recreate the original look, but at a much higher resolution :

    Planet Elder Scrolls RAMW Imperial Mod Listing

    I only did the Imperial Textures, but I think I did a pretty good job at recreating the original.

  • Also, an xTREME Enviromental Sounds replacer for Morrowind that used professionally recorded high quality sound effects that I edited which were similar, but millions of times better than the original low quality sounds.
  • Started a grand mod called Daedric Sanctuary at the same time I started working on Cloud Story, but never could keep focused on it working by myself. I probably should have though, the videos I released for it on youtube were my biggest hits pulling in 25k views for a little model test.

  • I started a large scale-RPGmaker game that got lost in harddrive crash/format. I SO THOUGHT I HAD IT BACKED UP…
  • I’ve worked with the first person shooter game Tribes 1 to create custom scripts, maps, huds, sounds etc…

  • Released music replacers for the Ys I and Ys II games, using music I’ve found and edited that sounds better than the original.
  • Photoshopped japanese text images into english, with the ideal of make it look like the english images were the original. With games like Utawarerumono, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, School Days.

  • Used to have a big youtube account with 1k plus videos, but it recently got taken down :/

There are other projects here and there too…

But, for the most part I think I’ve probably wasted my potential in having big ideas, but never finishing them.  And Cloud Story has been on my mind for far too long.  Let’s start here…

(Back to work! I was stumped with reviewing the connections between Miakid robots Cthutlu for a while… I think I’ve got my answer 😀 Oh, and I’ll be playing a Cthutlu related game called Demonbane in a week or so since I know nothing much except what wiki says about Cthutlu. Maybe next update, I’ll finally be at the point I can switch off planning and on to resource development!)


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