Major Delay…

Let it be a lesson to all; if you say you will do something, think things through before you accept! I’m really gung-ho about getting Cloud Story part 1 done, but now a prior commitment has come back to zombie grab me. Although, I will continue to work on Cloud Story, any demo release I may have wanted to get out by the summer will undoubtably be pushed back to fall.

The paid gig I agreed to work on is for Japanese to English image editing for an english translation of the visual novel School Days HQ on behalf of JAST USA.


If you’re *18 or older*, then I recommend checking it out when it’s released! (Although I’ve yet to play it… or watch the anime…)

Anyways, I want to blaze through my work so I can get back to Cloud Story. (Last night I came up with basic sketches of approx. 70% of Cloud Story part 1’s areas. It’s looking good. Now I just need to make sprites for them…)

Sorry if I’m disappointing anyone… But, I can stay focused and work faster knowing Cloud Story is waiting after work! I’ll continue to make blog posts to keep you updated, as progress won’t stop; but it certainly will take a hit until I finish my work.

In the meantime if anyone wants to ask questions, talk about what they would like to see, or just tease me for not starting on this sooner… x_X Feel free to do so… ;D

For anyone curious, I’ll leave info on School Days project here :
School Days HQ is a visual novel…

Visual Novels are an interested medium because they are longer than movies, complete with music, voices, sound effects and artwork. Plus they have an element of limited interactivity through choices that effect the story throughout the game. And some also have gameplay sections like regular games.

I fell in love with VNs because of a few really good ones got translated into english.
If anyone wants recommendations from me feel free to ask, or see what I’ve rated some novels here : My Visual Novel List
Some are 18+, and some are not (and some have patches to make it all-ages). Just a heads up.


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4 responses to “Major Delay…

  • girakacheezer

    Are you going to be translating it or are the people working with you going to give you the translations?

    • lexarvantalis

      In that project I’m just given the translations by a single translator who has tackled several other games in the past, named AstCd2. I only know a handful of japanese from my off and on studies; it’s easy to listen and understand a little; but impossible for me to translate text at the moment. (I am acquainted with some translators who are fluent though)

      I want to work on that. I have some guides that should deliver good results in 2 years time. A long time, but Japanese is no small task! If I want to seriously hit it; I suppose I should make a blog covering my studies.

      That might not be a bad idea… Though, it’s tough for me to keep focused on multiple studies/projects at once. The key might be scheduling my time hardcore…

      • girakacheezer

        Could you perhaps find a way for me to contact one of these fluent translators?
        I’ve been studying japanese for about 4 years now through school (3 years in high school, 1 in university), and have just completed the 200-level courses. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do when I release v 0.5 of WTF Story is to release a japanese version as well. I know enough that I could probably make it myself, but it wouldn’t be very good at this point.

      • lexarvantalis

        Reverse translation huh? Hmm… Well, you could start by asking Ixrec at the Amaterasu Translations forums. I don’t know if he’d write it for you, but he’d probably be willing to check over it and offer comments and suggestions but, maybe he’d be willing to offer assistance writing it (because the script is pretty small for WTF story compared to what he usually deals with.)

        He’s self taught, and has done a fine job constantly improving and helping those wanting to learn. Still, I haven’t seen him reverse translate much. If I were to place a bet though, his translation would be the most accurate.

        Other than Ixrec, I don’t know if AstCd2 would be willing to help; he’s in the group, but I’ve rarely spoken to him. If I were to guess though, he’d be the best at reverse translating (I think he is japanese, and translates to english.)

        Besides those two that I know only in passing….
        There are people on the forums and other translation groups that might possibly be willing to lend a hand. You could also try posting for help on the gemot forums, but don’t expect results unless you can catch their attention. You might explain your situation, and if you have the script already started into japanese with the english script side by side… maybe you could get help. [Although I trust some names more than others, zalas for instance.]

        And finally, maybe you could try to appeal to a japanese/english speaking person like the owner of Hendane! shop (Eroge Peddler) on the MangaGamer forums. He seems nice enough, and you could explain you’re trying to translate from english to japanese with a game you’ve been working on. There’s a short amount of dialogue but, you want to make sure the translation is well done for the japanese creator Pixel. You might want to even add the possibility of a small monetary compensation or special thanks in the credits though. I don’t know him really, but he was quite helpful recently and owns a trusted company shop.

        Whatever your choice is, if you poke around long enough surely someone will be able to help you.

        And lastly, you should try to get some japanese/english players to try the game once it is translated to see if they have any suggestions…

        Feel free to ask me to try to help if you run into a dead-end. Hope that helps somehow~

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