Cave Story Fan Art!

I should be fine creating sprites for Cloud Story, but making art? Well, for inspiration I dug up as much Cave Story fan art as I could find. There was a lot of good stuff out there!!

I was originally going to make a post with images, but it ended up being 100 megs… and nobody wants a 100 meg blog post… Instead enjoy a 25 minute video I recorded showing off a lot of good fan art for Cave Story! Enjoy!

HINT : try setting it to full screen, it works great as a screensaver while you are doing something else…
Also if you click on HD and go to the vimeo site it will look very nice.


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6 responses to “Cave Story Fan Art!

  • Noxid

    That’s a lot of fanart.

    • lexarvantalis

      Just goes to show you how many different people have enjoyed Cave Story…

      It’s interesting to see Cave Story from so many different visual perspectives.
      Cave Story is celebrated by the young to the adult. Which reminds me of a dilema I have with Cloud Story… In such a dark depressing story, how do you find a balance? Should I even maintain the balance that Cave Story has?

      On the surface Cave Story is a happy go lucky game. But, a lot of troubling things happen in that game. But, it is unfolded carefully; never becoming scary or too adult.

      Should Cloud Story take the same approach? Tone down the troubling sights, so that it isn’t shocking to the player at first; yet it gradually impresses on you what a mess you are in.

      Or should I take a serious approach since Quote and Curly DO have their memories, thus you are not holding back on what is unfolding ; with appropriate reactions…

      Side note :
      Part 1’s theme is supposed to be trouble.
      Part 2 is supposed to be a different persepective.
      Part 3 is supposed to be hope.

      Your King’s Story is a good example of the more serious approach. Things are happy… and then everything is turned upside down for King.
      Sorry for the long reply to “That’s a lot of fanart” lol… guess that’s kind of ironic xD

  • MechaManJC

    can u give a link to download those images

  • MechaManJC

    Thank you very much, I could not believe how my comment would be read and get a reply back after knowing how old this video was posted. THANK YOU!

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