The purpose of the mission…

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…So, I figured I should make a short update.
I haven’t been feeling so good, but I have done a little research for Cloud Story.
I got on youtube and compared most of the Cave Story english translation with the
Cave Story Wii translation. There were a few major points that were changed…

for instance :

Cave Story Wii

Now I remember!
Your name’s Quote!

You and I are…


Before, a great number of us robots were sent to this island…
We were sent by the countries of the surface.

The purpose of the mission… it was the incredible slumbering power found on this floating island…And it was also about the Demon Crown.
But you and I were different.

We were sent on a mission to destroy that power.

The island, it was in a mess when we landed.
Ravaged by the robots…

They murdered scores of poor little Mimiga…
It was horrible…

And finally, one man seized the Demon Crown.

The robots’ mission was complete and the island fell totally silent.

But that was simply the beginning of the tragedy.
The man who was able to capture the crown turned the Mimiga into beasts,
and they began attacking the surface.

I faced him and tried my best to defeat him.
You were with me then.


That’s all I can remember.

The crown bearer was surely injured by both our attacks that time.

How about you?
Can you recall something?

Cave Story PC :

I remember now.
Your name’s Quote!

You and I…


Back then, a huge number of robots were sent to this island from countries on the Earth’s surface.

Their target was the awesome power kept within this island…
The ODemon CrownO.
But you and I, we were different.

The two of us were sent in order to destroy that power.

When we got here, the island was in a shambles.
The robots had torn it all to pieces…

And countless Mimigas had been slaughtered…
It was… terrible…

Finally, one man got the ODemon CrownO in his possession.

The robots’ work was done, and the island fell silent.

But that was just the beginning of the tragedy.
With the crown in hand, the man turned the Mimigas into killers and began his assualt on the Earth.

I tried to stop him.
You were there too.


That’s… as far as I can remember.

I’m pretty sure we were able to wound him.
But we seemed far out of our league…

Do you remember anything?

Which to believe…?
The Wii one should be more accurate, right?



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5 responses to “The purpose of the mission…

  • Noxid

    I don’t like the Wii translation.
    I’d always stick with the original.
    Maybe that’s just me being upset at anything having changed, but I don’t care.

    • lexarvantalis

      Hmm… I think perhaps the best course of action here, is to get this segment re-translated by someone experienced that I trust to be accurate.
      If it appears the Wii version was altered; then … I suppose I might stick with the PC original.

      However! If the PC translation supports the Wii plot changes in translation, I will stick with the Wii translation for being the most accurate.
      [It doesn’t mean I prefer the Wii version, but perhaps a small merge of facts into the PC translation would be in order.]

      • lexarvantalis

        What..? I cannot find a JP version release of Cave Story Wii? That means there was only the english releases of Cave Story for the Wii?
        This is also true for the 3DS? Only english versions?

        Also, hopefully I’ll have a TL check of Wii vs PC translations soon…

      • girakacheezer

        “What..? I cannot find a JP version release of Cave Story Wii?”
        Why don’t you just use the original japanese version for comparison?
        Compare it to the AGL translation and the Wii translation.
        I really doubt they would’ve made more work for themselves and would have changed it for the JP release (if it exists).

      • lexarvantalis

        Yeah, in my next post “The purpose of the mission… (cont.)” I had a translator compare the original to the PC and Wii translations. I didn’t have him check the WHOLE game, but just two parts.
        The surprising thing was that the facts in question seemed to match up Either way; meaning both Wii and PC translations are correct… because of the vague language used. So, my next step is either seeking those who localized the game :

        Yoko Saito
        Rie Hagihara
        Ray Griner

        Or to have someone ask Pixel himself for me … >< lol

        Or to make a decision on my own…

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