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Minor update #3

Just letting you know I’m still alive! Been doing some TSC scripting for the first time to get familiar with the engine… I might have something unrelated to Cloud Story for you to try soon. 😀

Would you like me to upload it to the blog before it’s completed (if it will be; since it is just practice), or try to get it completed before its release?


Poll #1 : How hard should the plot-heavy prequel be?

The choices : Easy, similar to Cave Story, Tougher, or HELL!

With 55 results in currently, I can assure you it *still won’t be … Easy!

How hard should the plot-heavy prequel be?

Easy! 5.45% (3 votes)
Cave Story. 40% (22 votes)
Tougher! 30.91% (17 votes)
Give em’ hell!! 23.64% (13 votes)

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Minor update #2

Summer Story. Been spending some time in the sun and visiting family. SO HOT! But, so nice. During computer time, I’ve been on the Cave Story Forums a decent amount lately. Made some design progress, but still feels like I’m procrastinating.
Looks like I need to kick it into high gear!

Actually, there are two real life projects that I’ve been putting off (See the Major Delay post). I’d better tackle them before I get hate mail!

Also, started to practice spriting with Curly’s portrait. Never made sprites from scratch, so this is new for me!

Only Curly’s sprite is mine currently. But, it blends in pretty well? What do you think?

Note, this is not the final look.
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Oh… You’re so cute…

And watch out for the bad robots…

Not much to report, was playing around with a few Wii sprites to try to get ideas… I enjoyed messing around with Curly’s portrait though xD I think I’d like to give Curly a bunch of portraits in the real game too. I suppose I should give her a brand new portrait for the mod. But, I’d like to give her a bunch of choices like this…

Also if you look REALLL closely, you can see sprites for Quote, Curly and Miakid. They are just color tests really; and trying to figure out what MIAKID actually is. Always thought of him as a general, but he does have a little bit of a priest/king look or something…
I won’t be using those colors, but at least you can see his face! [if it isn’t too small]

Oh, and I won’t be using Wii sprites obviously since Poo Black would probably come and haunt me…