Oh… You’re so cute…

And watch out for the bad robots…

Not much to report, was playing around with a few Wii sprites to try to get ideas… I enjoyed messing around with Curly’s portrait though xD I think I’d like to give Curly a bunch of portraits in the real game too. I suppose I should give her a brand new portrait for the mod. But, I’d like to give her a bunch of choices like this…

Also if you look REALLL closely, you can see sprites for Quote, Curly and Miakid. They are just color tests really; and trying to figure out what MIAKID actually is. Always thought of him as a general, but he does have a little bit of a priest/king look or something…
I won’t be using those colors, but at least you can see his face! [if it isn’t too small]

Oh, and I won’t be using Wii sprites obviously since Poo Black would probably come and haunt me…


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