Minor update #2

Summer Story. Been spending some time in the sun and visiting family. SO HOT! But, so nice. During computer time, I’ve been on the Cave Story Forums a decent amount lately. Made some design progress, but still feels like I’m procrastinating.
Looks like I need to kick it into high gear!

Actually, there are two real life projects that I’ve been putting off (See the Major Delay post). I’d better tackle them before I get hate mail!

Also, started to practice spriting with Curly’s portrait. Never made sprites from scratch, so this is new for me!

Only Curly’s sprite is mine currently. But, it blends in pretty well? What do you think?

Note, this is not the final look.

Here are the old practice runs and how it has progressed :

First attempt at a Curly portrait (uncropped) :

Second attempt at a Curly portrait (OMG! What happened!?)

Played around with the first and second attempt some more (this is just for play… probably!) :

And finally, a few more using the first two attempts :

Soon I should start attempt 3! Maybe the final?
Nah… looking at the Wii original ones, I still have a long way to go … maybe?

Wow, this minor update sure got long…

Spent some time trying to figure out how I should make the final one look, here are some more edits :

Still haven’t started the final, but here’s a nice sprite to commemorate how far it has come~

Curly Brace – A digital existence

Here’s the last practice edit before I try to create a final :


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4 responses to “Minor update #2

  • hymynameismatt

    That portrait actually looks pretty damn good. Of all parts of spriting, portraits are where I suck the most so good for you.

    • lexarvantalis

      Thank you the comment is much appreciated! 😀
      I can’t always trust my own eyes…

      Actually, I am convinced I am very bad at working from scratch … But… UNDO x 10,000 = a chance!
      Still, I hope I get faster at this realllly soon.

      My second portrait took longer and just failed horrrribly [near the end I was facepalming my own work, and saying; omg what have I done to you Curly], but using bits and parts from it I was able to salvage something nice out of it.

      I’m sure you can do as good or better though, it just takes silly amounts of time!

  • Lemonade

    Wut ?
    Otherwise, that’s pretty neat, congratulations.

    • lexarvantalis

      Thanks 😀 Wish me luck!

      Maybe I need to adjust it, but it’s supposed to be kinda like that. I only had it on one side for stylistic reasons, maybe I should play around with it some more!

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