Poll #1 : How hard should the plot-heavy prequel be?

The choices : Easy, similar to Cave Story, Tougher, or HELL!

With 55 results in currently, I can assure you it *still won’t be … Easy!

How hard should the plot-heavy prequel be?

Easy! 5.45% (3 votes)
Cave Story. 40% (22 votes)
Tougher! 30.91% (17 votes)
Give em’ hell!! 23.64% (13 votes)

It looks like the majority of people want it similar to be like Cave Story, but tougher.
Of course, what mod would be complete without some sections that rival or surpass Hell’s difficulty?!

I’m actually surprised there are so many votes for Hell difficulty. I guess it makes sense though, a majority of the viewers are probably veterans of Cave Story.

I suppose the best option that would meet everyone’s level would be having multiple difficulty levels, but I’m not sure doing about that. Alternatively, I could make different paths for the player to choose from, but that might bother some people who want to confront the hardest choice first, despite being warned! Still…

The biggest hurdle will creating all new enemies. I am concerned about that. I would like to create all new AI and reuse as little as possible. But… well… never having hacked Cave Story before, it’s another huge hurdle. Still, it has been proven to be possible! I just need to stand on the shoulders of giants!

Difficulty level ideas :

  • Easy – Monsters have less health. Less forms of attack. Maybe some changes in level design.
  • Normal – Same as Cave Story rules, normal forms of attack. Original level design.
  • Tougher – Enemies have new forms of attack. Maybe some changes in level design. No random health drops.

Maybe I could have Hell as an unlockable.

Multiple path ideas :

  • Normal path – Follow common sense, the game will guide you where you need to go.
  • Hard path – Do the opposite of what the game tells you to do.

Anybody else have some ideas? Want to add something or an alternative way of giving some difficulty level choice?

In case you missed the poll :


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4 responses to “Poll #1 : How hard should the plot-heavy prequel be?

  • hymynameismatt

    Extremely easy mode.
    The moment you select it the credits start rolling.

    • lexarvantalis

      And so was your mission to the island unsuccessful. Before long, the island was under the control of the nations of the earth. Unfortuantely they underestimated the slumbering power of the island… Before long the world fell under the rule of one man.

      But, none of that matters to you. Returning home from the mission before it started, with the excuse, “It looks too hard”, earned you a quick reprogramming.
      *credits roll*

  • norevenge

    hey needing help with saving toroko how do you do it in cloud story

    • lexarvantalis

      Cloud Story isn’t out yet! If you meant how to save Toroko in the NewGame+ mod for Cave Story…
      The demo I released only covers until Egg Corridor. But, there is someone who might be working on the next release for that…

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