Cave Story NewGame+ version 0.1

Cave Story NewGame+ version 0.1
A Cave Story modification I started to learn TSC scripting.

NewGame+ :
Play Cave Story with all-new surprises, events, items and routes!

Only from Start to the Graveyard is mostly complete so far. Content ends after Arthur’s House.
At least 31 things to discover. No new maps or hacking yet.

From the readme :
This Cave Story mod, NewGame+, is currently a TSC experiment.
I’m just learning how to mod Cave Story and started by modding the original game!

NewGame+ :
Play Cave Story with all-new surprises, events, items and routes!

Only from Start to the Graveyard is mostly complete so far. Content ends after Arthur’s House.

The idea of the mod is to be able to do things differently than your usual playthrough.
Or to be surprised by things you might have wondered about in the original, but were impossible, or not there.

Example :
Did you ever wonder what would have happened if…

…you could have saved Sue from Igor in the first cutscene?
…Curly continued to think you were a Killer Robot?
…you had kept MALCO’s bomb and busted down the door with missiles?
…you could go to Last Cave before creating the rocket?
…King and Toroko could be saved…

That’s the general idea behind the mod. Not that I intend to complete it, at this time…
Since this is just practice for my main mod Cloud Story.

(Still, it would be fun to play Cave Story in different ways…)

Credits go to :
Cave Editor (Wistil)
ANP.txt (J.T.E., Shmitz, jcys810, Metalogz)
Flag list (kapow)

And a passing thanks to :
Modding Beginners guide (Taeler) [I looked up some of the TSC commands!]

And of course :
Cave Story (Pixel)
And the community of Modders and Players of the Cave Story Tribute Forums

Special Thanks to those who read the blog and those who make inspirational mods 😀
HiMyNameIsMatt, Noxid, GIRakaCHEEZER 😀


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4 responses to “Cave Story NewGame+ version 0.1

  • girakacheezer

    This sounds like Cave Story – Redesign (Dubby’s mod). But with less new stuff.

    I guess it’s good to start somewhere though *cough* metalgearstory *cough*.

    • lexarvantalis

      It’s basically just original Cave Story, but with more choices, and some new things.
      I.e. everything that you expect to be usable, is usable. Doing things out of normal Cave Story order is doable.

      The grand scheme would be like :
      I decide Quote is a Bad Robot… so I do everything to cause people trouble throughout the game, and it ends up with some kind of bad robot ending.
      I decide to befriend King and Toroko… so I do everything to find a way to save Toroko and King from their original fate, and proceed to a new ending.
      I decide to stick with Sue, and don’t let her out of my sight, avoiding the original Cave Story plot and spending much more time with humans.

      Stuff like that… so it’s not a grand new creation, but just different ways to bring life to the original game.

      I’m more interested in working on Cloud Story, but maybe I’ll continue to update this, at least to one of the new endings…

      Dubby’s mod, is not a mod really… it’s recreating the whole game anew. I don’t remember if Dubby reuses the original dialogue even…

      btw looking forward to the new version 😀

  • hymynameismatt

    Yay, I inspire people!

    But this is a good idea. I kinda learned TSC as I went with Towers so the beggining has a lot to be added to it. It’s nice to see that you’re smarter than I was. 😀

  • mom

    your mom is there a download yet?

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