Words light up on the screen…

It’s been a while… hasn’t it?
The only good thing I can say about my modding, is that I’ve never given up!


I was trying my hand at another Curly Brace portrait today…

Bottom-right is the official Curly Brace.
Top-right is my previous attempt at Curly Brace.
Top-left is my new current rough Curly Brace look.
It needs to be fixed back up, so it looks like the original with all it’s crisp clarity.

…What do you think? (Click on it to see it enlarged)

Bottom-left was a byproduct of creating the new Curly. I made a few minor modifications and suddenly I made myself a new Killer Robot!
I’ll probably only use one of the new portraits portraits though.

Oh and here’s the process to creating Curly (from right to left lol) :

…So, what have I been up to?

I worked on some other projects and tried my hand at taking somebody’s midi and just customizing it (It’s more work then you might think!) :

My goal at the time was to be able to remix songs, but I haven’t gotten around to attempting that yet.
And important to Cloud Story, I need to try my hand at creating all new songs. Do I even have any talent? I guess we’ll see.

At least, I currently have a somewhat decent handle on how to finalize songs.

Other than that, I spent a lot of time playing some new games.
Games that were 100-300 hours long… NOT SHORT GAMES!
They were great food for thought though, and a lot of fun. (The Way, YU-NO, among others)

Also the anime Baccano!, and Kara no Kyoukai was very good…
I have SO many more games and anime to catch up on…

BUT BACK to Cloud Story.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up using a custom Cave Story engine in the end (probably NXengine), since I just don’t see how I can really do what I want; without becoming Noxid and GiR’s apprentice for a long time lol
However, for now I will stick with the Cave Story engine as long as I can.
I don’t need to try that advanced stuff, until, I get a basic GAME made.

By this time I had hoped to have a demo ready, but I’m a very unmotivated individual. The mood of the day is my driving force… and I must surpass this if Cloud Story is to meet frutition.

Oh, and lastly I gave the blog a slightly different look with my return to Cave Story modding~ Hopefully it isn’t difficult to read?


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6 responses to “Words light up on the screen…

  • xtpcoolx

    I can read the blog just fine 😉
    Oh, and I really like all of the Curly portraits. They all look really well done! Hopefully this mode won’t end up being dead, I’m counting on you. 😮

    • lexarvantalis

      It’d be a terrible waste if I were to not finish the project; with all the time I’ve spent on the Cave Story theories section…

      I have a hard time keeping focused though, so every bit of feedback and support matters to me 😀 I’ll try to post a new bit of progress soon!

  • cyanomid

    Amazing Curly portraits.

    I SERIOUSLY want you to finish this.

  • Joshua Riddell

    Where did you go…? :c

    I’ve been waiting for this mod for a long, long time. If you ever need any help with developing it, I could do my best to help.

    • lexarvantalis

      Hey Josh~

      I’ve had a busy schedule in the new year, so I haven’t devoted time to anything Cave Story related recently…
      But, even when I had an open schedule, I found it hard to get much work done on the mod. I’ve imagined the story and entertained myself through daydreaming, writing notes, and the occasional scribble. I’ve experienced what I’d want the mod to convey.
      But, the meticulous process of creating the game; making maps that are fun to play, making music, creating art for your mod, scripting and troubleshooting, and the need to hack to do things that change the engine…
      I’ve never been comfortable with the process of creating the actual work that everyone else sees. I’ve also been very much introverted and selfish; never asking for help, but accepting what is given…
      Communication being my weak point, Cloud Story has remained as it sounds. An unreachable dream.

      Since Cloud Story, I decided working within the confines of Pixel’s world was not enough for me to freely create what I wanted, because I could never match what Pixel might have wanted, had he been making the game. That other mod, I’ve nicknamed NightShade… It’s equally unfinished… But, I feel more driven to work on that mod than Cloud Story nowadays.

      Being a gamer that has 500+ more games I want to try…, I end up spending my free gaming time… playing, rather than creating.

      If you’ve read all of this, and yet you haven’t given up on wanting to see Cloud Story… or maybe more generally a prequel to Cave Story…
      Then, I’d need to create a complete list of what needs to be done; basically starting from scratch. And perhaps then I could open up the project to be a public work, allowing for contributions; and crossing off each needed requirement.

      I’m personally, more motivated to tackle the game I call NightShade… But, even after all this time, I won’t say that I’m giving up on either project.

      … Perhaps I should create a mailing list or something, for the people who are actually interested. I hesistate to take on any burdens, but; seeing a completed mod that would make it all worth it… I could live with trading life time for that.

      … There was one other who offered their assistance at the beginning of the year too. Hmmm…
      BTW, there’s a mod that you may have tried, Jenka’s Nightmare… The completed version of the new Jenka’s Nightmare, worked on by ZarroTsu is something you’ll have to try! When it’s released pretty soon(?), I should make an update just to remind people to check it out…

      He put a lot of effort into that mod by Shmitz, and it shows.

      … Time slips by so quickly. I need to make up my mind, and stick through it till the end. Maybe I’m talking to myself more than you, but… I’m listening to very moody music that makes me sentimental xD
      Tell you what. I’ll get back to you, I need to figure out I want to do; write up a plan, post it, and then see if there’s any way that you or others might be interested in contributing to its development.


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