Defeated Misery!


Just wanted to update… I’m tired! I pretty much finalized my first portrait … Misery!
Left is official Misery and Right is the new Misery.

I’ve edited this post multiple times; can’t decide on the final look. The following pictures are oldest to newest (with the above picture being the current look…) … gAhhhh D:




I started by trying to make Curly, and made that evil robot last post.
Then, I thought : Hey… if I change the hair color… Misery!


That’s pretty much how it came to be. I added one extra easter egg picture though, Misery Bot 😀
(Upper right is official original)

Personally, I think she looks more like a young Misery (pre-Crown?), but I can’t afford to just make no progress forever…


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10 responses to “Defeated Misery!

  • hymynameismatt

    This is pretty neat. I can’t do face pics for crap so great job. What’re you going to do for tilesets? Make different versions of the official ones like you did with this?

    • lexarvantalis

      Hey matt! Thanks…
      Staring at something for too long makes it hard to judge! I don’t really want to tell you how longggg this took… xD

      I know a friend who draws better and in just a hour or less….

      As for the tilesets, yes; I plan to make new graphics for the rest of the game as well.

      The full explanation :

      This Misery picture was not copy paste edited from the original in any way… It was from scratch.
      I did have the official Misery art open later on however, to compare as I went about making … and tried to make it as close as possible but different.

      Misery and Balrog are kind of exceptions, since I’m trying to make them look the same as Cave Story; since they are under the curse of the Crown. The other characters should look different…

      And tilesets : there will be a few areas in the mod that revisit existing Cave Story areas; so for those I will open up the original PC Cave Story graphics, and try to make my own high-res version.
      The brand-new areas however, will be from scratch, or at least should be…

  • hymynameismatt

    Hm… AH! I know what looks wrong! The eyebrows! They art too light, and make her look older. Compare them to that of the original pic.

  • Carrotlord

    Sorry for noticing the post late.
    Anyway these facepics are pretty good – practically on par with the official artwork. There are some differences with the extra shadow detail in yours, but of course that’s not a bad thing.

  • hymynameismatt

    So how goes this?

    I found a video that gives off some interesting tips on game design, but has ALOT of cursing in it.

    Alot. You are warned if it bothers you. But it’s really helpful.

    • lexarvantalis

      Thanks for that video (I like the little pop-up girl though lol)! I’ve probably been spending too much time on aesthetics, rather than design and function of levels.
      Oh and that video reminds me, have you seen this one? I thought it was a nice look into metroidvanias, and more. You might appreciate it 😀

      As for what’s going on with this…
      The last thing I was working on, was designing levels and making it work for Cave Story+. I should make a new post… Despite building some levels, hmmm…
      I suddenly feel so tired… hah there’s my problem right there.

      I’ll make a new post pretty soon~

      • hymynameismatt

        I saw that one awhile ago. Very helpful. I;m going through hell and back witht he panning stage right now, (you spend alot of time in that stage while learning to code) and videos like this are hard to find.

        I now personally want to use the concept of a player almost never getting information about how they should do things and allowing them to figure it out with help.

        No longer am I confined to a premade engine, just a non-existant one.

  • Tyler Ciggy

    Man, you are the man!

    the portrait you made and chosen are perfect

    Misery is old in fact. If you made it to Ballos, you learned that misery gave the idea to ballos to create the demon crown, so, the crown has been already with 4 kings (the last one was 10 years before the game).

    Yeah, she is good and evil, but certainly, melancholy of her past is something that doesnt bother to her. The oldest portrait shows a naive misery, the second, a melancholy misery, the third an evil misery, so the last one is the perfect balance.

    Let me know if you update this work.

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