Minor update #5

I’ve been pretty silent, and haven’t made much progress recently.  In fact I’ve LOST progress during a reformat.  I’m quite bummed about that…   Disappointed is an understatement.  I really don’t know how it didn’t get backed up, but the large maps I made are apparently gone.

I shall sleep it off, and decide how to continue from here…

The lesson here : Always backup anything you make!


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7 responses to “Minor update #5

  • Conor

    Ouch, I really hope you can recover that content, either by memory or a recovery program. Good luck.

    • lexarvantalis

      I recovered some data when it first messed up, but it didn’t include the CS+ data… At that time I was SURE I had it backed up already, although apparently I didn’t…

      The drive got hot enough to make a smokey smell…

      After that I had a guy who works with computers for a living try to get it working; but even he gave up.
      But still, at least I know one place that still has a copy of the maps… *taps my head*

      • Conor

        I had a drive that did that once… Sorry to hear it, but at least you remember them. I used to forget some of my work so it’s good to see you recalled what you did.

  • hate9

    What I do is update a demo every time there’s something new, that way, you can just download it when you need it.

  • Natsu Lee Nakano

    when does cloud story is finished?

    • lexarvantalis

      It’s currently on hold, while I work on my as of yet unnamed mod.
      Getting Cloud Story off the ground has been getting me nowhere…

      So, I need to see if I’m even capable of creating a decent mod first! This is my test… If I can complete this mod, I’ll finally have learned how to stay determined to finish large projects.

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