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Something stirs…

Well, the bad news…

It’s nearing the end of the year 2012, and Cloud Story is *still* vaporware!

Although the story is created, and I have an idea of the maps, the amount of effort and focus needed to create the assets (and engine?) for the game have given way to me turning a blind eye to the project. I want to do a really excellent job for Cloud Story, as the perfectionist in me desires; but, without strong motivation, it’s not getting any closer to release. That’s the bad news ;_;


On the other hand, in order to tempt fate, and actually see a mod completed… I’ve begun a new mod, that is not tied down to any requirement that a good prequel demands. I’m allowed to do ANYTHING, and I’m hoping this will be the big break I needed. Since, so far my track record is so poor… This currently Unnamed mod hopefully will become an adventure worth remembering.

Here is the official Idea / Development topic :
Cave Story Tribute Forum : Something Stirs…

What to say… what to say…
How about I tell you the original idea that inspired the story for this mod :

In the peaceful kingdom in the sky…

“Hey! Mr. Traveller! Curly’s waiting for you.”

“So… when are you going to propose?”
“Hah! You can’t fool my eyes, I’ve seen the way you two look at each other… I think everyone else knows it too.”
“You better hurry. She won’t wait forever, you know.”
“We’re all rooting for you!”

Peaceful days… On the island floating in the sky… the world felt right.

But, a simple errand for the king and the chance meeting of a stranger will set fate into motion.

Dark clouds are gathering…

An example song from the OST I plan to use :

The mod will have no connection to Cave Story’s universe; although for the first release, I will probably end up using the original characters as stand-ins and will add little tributes to the original game.  (For example, you should be able to tell who was speaking to Quote from the first line of dialogue xD)

I won’t spoil any more for now, and to be perfectly honest; the game could become quite a different beast by the time it’s completed.  But, I am pushing for sooner the better.

Wish me luck!  And stay tuned for daily news at the topic link.