Happy New Year 2013! (Late as usual!)

This is just a minor update.  At the end of last year, I got a new COMPUTER!  Which has inevitably delayed progress, as I reinstall, (and play games that my computer couldn’t previously run!) …

As for the new mod, I have a decent amount of mapping done, and thanks to the efforts of otemoto-dansei-ningen, an example of what the converted music will sound like for non-cave story+ users.

As for a release date…  I can’t say yet.  But, I believe I’ll release in chapters.  So, sooner, rather than later.  I’ve yet to prove myself capable of good Cave Story modding, so look forward to it!


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8 responses to “Happy New Year 2013! (Late as usual!)

  • Shane

    Extremely late happy new year! 😛

    I’m going to take a random guess.
    You’re X-Calibar from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums, are you not?

    • lexarvantalis

      Hey Shane 😀 Yep, it’s me!
      It’s already almost February already… can you believe it?!

      Hope you’re having a good new year!
      (Didn’t you already send me a Happy New Year rpgmaker card? I need to make something like that in return sometime lol)

      • Shane

        Yeah, almost February, and before one notices, it’ll be my birthday, and then it’ll be March, then June, then October, then December 2014…

        Anyway, yeah, I did sent you a HNY card, but I just forgot that I already did due to… well, chaos.
        For some odd reason I’m unable to access the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums (whatever it is, not even andwhyisit can fix it by the looks of things) and my grandfather passed away on 18 January. 😦

        So the new year hasn’t been so good to me yet.

      • lexarvantalis

        I’m sorry to hear that!

        Hmm… as for not being able to access Cave Story Tribute Site Forums… If your region is being blocked, maybe you could use a US proxy to go on the forums? To be safe, don’t use any secret passwords or personal info while on a proxy. But, it should be fine to use a proxy for something like Cave Story Forums I would think! I don’t know a good one though…

      • Shane

        The only thing I know about proxies is the spelling and one of the meanings XD

        Some members from my forums are helping out though – KarjamP joined the Cave Story Forums for that purpose, and it was him who filled andwhyisit in on my inability to access the forums. It’s not the region that’s being blocked, though, otherwise KarjamP would also be unable to access the forums.

        Oh well, if I’m lucky I’ll be able to access it for five days soon, like I could around the start of this year.

  • hymynameismatt

    Wait, You’re colaborating? YES. unst unst wub wub wub

    This makes me happier than anything else.

    • lexarvantalis

      Hey matt~ It’s less colaborating, and more some nice people are willing to help out.

      I actually got 100 – 200 mostly good indie games to check out over the holiday sales. So I need to regain control…!

  • hate9

    Hey, good luck, I look forwards to the release!
    (oh, and Ièm Hate9 from the forums)

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