Cave Story is a successful retro themed indie game created for Windows PC. Since its release, it has been translated into english, been upgraded and ported to the Nintendo Wii, and will soon be remade on the new portable 3DS. An amazing success story for a free PC game! And as you might have guessed, this game became one of my all time favorites. Wanting to give back somehow, I decided I wanted to create a mod to expand the Cave Story universe.

Cloud Story is the name I came up with that I thought most appropriately captured what I wanted to create. A mod of Cave Story that meticulously paid tribute to the original Cave Story.
(Cave is to the earth, as ____ is to the air, as ____ is to the water, as ____ is to fire, as ____ is to lightning. Cave Story, Cloud Story, Glacier Story, Ash Story, ??? Story. There were four Demon Crown owners, so there is plenty of room for prequels!)

April 18th, 2006, 01:42 PM,

I created a topic : “A few questions about Cave Story projects…” questioning the possiblity of creating this mod…  …And for the next 5 years… I kept thinking about doing it! Hah!

Actually, over the last 5 years I’ve kept a ORed NotebookO of ideas, theories, and the handwritten manuscript of Cave Story. All in the hopes that one day I’d come up with a proper sequel.

May 1st, 2011, 04:37 AM,

Well, five long years later, I’ve seen the cave story community create many inspiring mods; and after all this time… I still desire to see Cloud Story realized. So… I am putting my love for Cave Story to the test finally… by creating a proper prequel, beginning with the creation of this development blog!

Mod Features :

Cloud Story will be at least as long as the original game. Feature all new music that will try to fool you into thinking Pixel did it. Also mostly new graphics. And… of course, all new story! I also expect to hack the game as well to add some original ideas, as well as maybe getting permission from other popular mod makers to use a couple hacks; to do all I can do to make a story worth playing and remembering. I hope I can get help from others with this aspect!

There will be multiple endings, some new characters besides old ones; surprise, action, drama, suspense and most importantly Misery and Balrog! … Everything short of voice acting.. and an anime opening (or will there be?)

I will try to recreate the feeling you got when you first played Cave Story to the end. But, in a very different story. Cloud Story is the end of a remarkable journey, so it’s kind of like make a trilogy in reverse… Wish me luck…!

Anyways, this blog will be my online record of Cloud Story’s creation. I hope we will all see the day when we can say, it was worth it!

Disclaimer :
I only claim to own any of the images that I specify that I’ve personally created. Cave Story was created by Pixel. This is an unofficial fan mod/hack in progress. Don't expect him to know anything about this :X


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