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minor update #8

Little news! 😦

But, did a little bit with sprites tonight… Just one actually, but kept editing it trying different characters.  Any characters I keep will obviously get more work done..


And attempted to make an original song, but didn’t get very far…

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minor update #7

Tuesday: Played CS+ on Hard Mode…

Wednesday: Beat CS+ on Hard Mode!  And did a little mapping…

Thursday: Continued mapping an old map, and also did some misc images!



Friday: Realized I forgot how to do ART.  Edited a few existing pictures to try to remember basics…

Here’s a basic prototype for one of the character’s look:


It will be some time before she wakes up…

minor update # 6

Just a little NightShade update.  Vacation this week, hopefully a little progress everyday.

Here’s what I did yesterday. Listening to this:


Game Over? Retry? (YES/NO)

As everyone, except perhaps myself, has become aware, Cloud Story has been frozen indefinitely.  Still not cancelled though.  Instead I’ve been busy taking classes, and dabbling on my alternate Cave Story project, codenamed, NightShade. 

With Cloud Story, I was always limited to “what would Pixel do…?”  Which is why, NightShade has offered me the creative freedom to create my own universe.  That said, it still suffers from the same scatterbrain developer, “ME”, so progress has been slow; and often halted while I worked on classwork, or played one of the 700+ games sitting on my PC atm. 

On that note, I’ve put up an assembla SVN project to manage the chaos, and to try transparent, ordered development.  I’ve thought about asking some people to join this team of one, though probably after I have significant progress towards the demo.  That would help any contributors have an idea of what direction to work towards, and/or to focus on fixes and enhancements.

Oh.  Also, for any Hammerwatch players out there, I’ve been doing a little map making, further spreading out my time… (ala. the image.)

But, don’t worry!  No more projects than these!

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