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minor update #8

Little news! 😦

But, did a little bit with sprites tonight… Just one actually, but kept editing it trying different characters.  Any characters I keep will obviously get more work done..


And attempted to make an original song, but didn’t get very far…

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Happy New Year 2013! (Late as usual!)

This is just a minor update.  At the end of last year, I got a new COMPUTER!  Which has inevitably delayed progress, as I reinstall, (and play games that my computer couldn’t previously run!) …

As for the new mod, I have a decent amount of mapping done, and thanks to the efforts of otemoto-dansei-ningen, an example of what the converted music will sound like for non-cave story+ users.

As for a release date…  I can’t say yet.  But, I believe I’ll release in chapters.  So, sooner, rather than later.  I’ve yet to prove myself capable of good Cave Story modding, so look forward to it!

Defeated Misery!


Just wanted to update… I’m tired! I pretty much finalized my first portrait … Misery!
Left is official Misery and Right is the new Misery.
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*Chomp chomp* …

Oh, look who’s awake.
Thought you might be dead.

No! I’m still here!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been on a tangent with learning how to create music, and playing 47 or so RPGmaker games, and trying to get caught up with other things.

Speaking of which… Here’s a few free RPGmaker games I recommend :
The Way – huge epic fantasy RPG

The Longing Ribbon – a short semi-horror experience…

The Blurred Line – A pretty nice sci-fi RPG, that is currently unfinished.

Love and War – Act 1 – There’s a remake coming soon, but it’s already great.

Desert Nightmare – Only just started it, but it looks like a fun one.

There are more games, but that’s a good start (if anyone is interested…)!

Most of these probably require the RPGmaker 2000 RTP. If you need that …

I have nothing to show for Cloud Story at the moment… But, everything I’ve been working on should come in handy down the road. Until then!

Minor update #4

I started a new Blog yesterday!

It’s not related to Cave Story/Cloud Story, but I’m attempting to learn japanese! It seems to be pretty enjoyable so far… ははははははははは… [That was hahahahha…]

Yeah, until I have to learn thousands+ of kanji!

Oh and… hopefully soon, a Cloud Story update will be coming to a blog near you.