Cave Story Mods :

Cave Story NewGame+ version 0.1
A Cave Story modification I started to learn TSC scripting.

NewGame+ :
Play Cave Story with all-new surprises, events, items and routes!

Only from Start to the Graveyard is mostly complete so far. Content ends after Arthur’s House.
At least 31 things to discover. No new maps or hacking yet.


5 responses to “Downloads

  • hymynameismatt

    You know, for the time being you could put some of your music or something here.

    • lexarvantalis

      I don’t have any Cave Story stuff ready for download… You’ll be the first to know when I do 😛

      But… I’ll post something random to keep you occupied if you’re interested…

      There’s my current youtube channel. There are some random videos to see, playlists, favorites, and who I’m subscribed to. There isn’t that much right now, but I’ll start uploading more when I get a chance.

      My last account had a lot of Cave Story stuff but it got deleted X_X

  • cyanomid

    “Reach beyond the flames?” >Yes
    “Try again?” >Yes
    “You were never seen again.”

    You made my day, good sir. I would like to see more of this. Like, right now.

    • lexarvantalis

      You liked that? xD Quote… Noooooo!
      I thought it would be startling and amusing lol

      bobbyis messaged me on the forums that they were going to continue the mod in my absence; but I haven’t heard anything since then… Perhaps I’ll try to continue it again 😀 Although, I’m focusing on Cloud Story…

  • yoshikirby43

    what about you add inner wall from cave story 3d (retail)

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