Dreams of Avalon

NightShade Chapter 1 : The Dark

A world that we would not recognize. A world changed by the Demon and the Titans.
They reshaped our world, shattering fundimental laws, creating wonders and horrors…
After all was said and done, the Demon was banished, and a great leader emerged from the chaos. The man named Alistair, brought together the survivors under his banner, and began rebuilding our world from the ashes.

Much time has passed… Generations have come and gone, and yet it is said the Immortal Alistair lives even today, as a King. In all this time, he has never had an heir and never a Queen.

We suffer under his unyielding rule. He controls the people and creates monuments at his whim. Rebuilt countries have gone to war against the Immortal, and they have been ravaged by the King’s Army.

However, there are small kingdoms that have rebuilt in the safety of anomolies created during the War. Those not under the protection of Alistair, suffer from the reminants of the Demon. Shadows that wreak havoc. Shadows that possess, and occasionally become small demons on their own.

But, besides the immortal King, there are the Hunters. Those who pursue the Shadows, and remove them from our world. To prevent the Demon from ever gaining a foothold in our world again. Hunters take no sides, but exclusively eliminate the Shadow.
This sets the stage of our story. Of a hunter. Of the King Alistair, and his announcement of a Queen. Of a swordsman and his isolated kingdom. And of the events that come to a head, orchestrated over generations.

The King Alistair, announces the Queen Ophelia. A stunning beauty, said to be a Hunter. The first hunter to ever accept the King’s rule. However… the Queen is cold… Rumors say her eyes are hollow, as if under the King’s spell… That she is merely a puppet. But, noone would ever dare speak such words aloud.
Not to mention the Queen has demonstrated her ability to slaughter entire brigades of troops, under the King’s orders. She is feared.

Then the next unprescendeted thing happens. Alistair, has a child… an heir. A girl.
Princess Rhea.

She grows up free of the taint of the King, but fears her parents, and this dark world she was born into. Her only respite is a small cat that brings her comfort which she has kept secret.

Meanwhile, in the neutral floating kingdom of Avalon a young boy grows up dreaming of becoming a hunter.

And elsewhere at long last a new hunter descends to our world. To eliminate the Shadow in secret. Her destination… the kingdom of Avalon.


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