Rough Draft

Cloud Story rough draft :

Intro movie :

^ watch along with the text

-The Mountain-
patter patter patter
Arthur is running away from the robots in the rain… out of breath, tears…
There is no escaping…
Then he runs into two cloaked robots. It’s a dead end…
The other robots rush in, guns raised…
Quote and Curly reveal themselves. Music start-
Curly walks forward, Quote jumps up and starts shooting down; both taking out the first robots quickly.
Arthur watches in wonder.

-Switch Scene-
Elsewhere on the island looking at the mountain…
There the Leader nods to Miakid and the robots. Miakid bows, and has a strange look in his eye…

-Switch Scene-
Sakamoto Sr, is conflicted over the events occuring on the Island. He works for the humans, but… He is drinking, or doing something to try to ignore what is happening…

-Switch Scene-
Sometime elsewhere on the island, a killer robot is confronting a dangerous rebel.

-Switch Scene-
Elsewhere show an awakening Misery and Balrog, their bubbles start to bubble up from top down disappearing, revealing the awakened pair.

-Switch Scene-
Elsewehere on the island, a bike flys through the sky doding missiles and other attacks, while it escapes and attacks.

-Switch Scene-
A quick scene showing Red Rain pouring over a creature transforming it…

-Switch Scene-
A quick scene showing Curly in trouble, knocked back by a huge enemy… Balrog? Or Miakid?

-Switch Scene-
A quick scene showing Curly speaking to a Goddess or a dog… Eyes glow, and the scene turns white…

-Switch Scene-
Shows a robot base, and suddenly a great explosion goes off.

-Switch Scene-
A quick flashback memory of Quote or Curly’s past…

-Switch Scene-
Another quick different scene, perhaps Curly on a tropical island?

-Switch Scene-
Quick glimpses of two other important characters.

-Switch Scene-
Quick glimpses of some of the notable enemies

-Switch Scene-
A Mimiga is in trouble, facing the barrel of a weapon; and is saved suddenly by the appearence of Curly.

-Switch Scene-
Finally switch back to the first scene with Quote and Curly, zoom out showing them looking off to the Mountain, and in the background a puppy is secretly watching them…
-Fade out-

The characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The following events are not canon, acknowledged or approved by Pixel.

Cloud Story : Chapter I

On the surface of the island, upon misty cliffs.
Thunder flashes, rain pours down, as the camera scrolls down to Curly and Quote surrounded by broken robots. A young Mimiga is cowering in front of them.

C : “Are you okay?”
“…Y-yes. Thank you.”
“I thought I was a goner!”
C : “What’s going on? Why are the robots attacking…?”
“I don’t know… They are looking for something, or someone…”
“They shoot anyone who resists! And capture the rest…”
Q : “We need to hurry. Everything is progressing faster then we expected.”
“Who are you?”
Q : “…”
C : “We’re here to help.”
“… Please, take me with you. I can show you the fastest way to the village.”
C : “It’s a good idea.”
Q : “Just stay out of the way if something happens.”

Q, C and the unnamed Mimiga travel the Cloudy Cliff… Eventually reaching the top to reveal a burning village in the distance.

“The village!”
“Come on, let’s hurry!”

You reach the village ruins and it is quiet, and overrun by Robots. You sneak around gathering information, while searching for survivors.
You might come across Miakid giving orders to some robots, and overhear his orders, then he leaves.

Eventually though in order to save a Mimiga, you end up alerting the robot army, and now it’s a rush to escape or to attempt to fight the incoming army. If you fight, after a short while, a large explosion hits nearby, making you realize it’s time to escape. They’ve got heavy reinforcements.

There was a hidden stash of equipment you were supposed to pickup from the village. You are at least able to retrieve a Bike. The survivors escaped during your distraction battle, but now you’re on the run.

The next map, is an action event where you are on the Bike. Crossing the surface of the island, the plains area; dodging the many incoming robot attacks.

After surviving long enough, the boss catches up, and after a skirmish; you lose the enemy by reaching the forest area the Mimiga gave you directions to head towards.

After losing the robots, the bike breaks down and is out of order for now, and you proceed on foot through the small forest area. Following the clues left to you.

This eventually leads you to the landmark tree, with a secret tunnel at its roots. It ends up being a short journey into the earth before you literally fall into a pitfall trap. You are knocked unconscious, and awake in Grasstown. You find yourself next in line to an execution chamber. You end up uncomfortably close to the Press, before being freed by Sakamoto Sr.!

He apologizes, he tells you he’s recieved word of your arrival and how you saved those Mimigas. You discover you’ve arrived in a rebel base. Scientists and Mimigas have banded together to resist the invasion… Although with little success.
They ask for your help. Though your real goal is to find and destroy the Crown before it falls into the wrong hands.

Quote suggests that we don’t need to get involved in these affairs. They are probably a lost cause anyway. But, if we find and destroy the Crown it will effectively stop the invasion…

In the next area Quote and Curly will split up. Quote needs to continue the mission.
However, Curly decides she wants to help the Mimiga.
Sakamoto comes up with a plan that should benefit everyone.

They are preparing explosives to attack the robot base where the Mimigas are being held. And one of the Mimiga elders that was taken might know more about this Crown they seek. If they break into the base, and unlock the teleporters, they’ll be able to and sneak the bombs past the detection grid and escape.

So, Quote and Curly disguise themselves as enemy killer robots and return to the surface to find their bike fixed, allowing them fast transport to the next area. Pretty near the Robot Base.

Now they have to sneak into the base, and gain access to the teleport control. They need to add access to the two new teleporter locations.
Perhaps they run into Miakid again. But, this time actually RUN into. But, fortunately he doesn’t seem to pay you much attention because of your disguise.
They split up to look for the prisoners and the teleporters. You finally find the prisoners, and show them an item that proves you are on their side. The old Mimiga asks you to travel to Paradise Zone to speak to a wise woman and ask for help, and in return he will tell you everything he knows.

After unlocking the teleporters, Curly alone heads to the Paradise Zone using the Grasstown hub, while Quote stays behind to find out what the robots know about the Crown so far.

Curly warps to Paradise Zone, and travels through the Mimiga Sanctuary. The Mimiga are unnerved at her arrival, but they are glad to hear that you are helping. You might meet the Koron’s parents here… Next, you head deeper into the Zone to find the Wise Woman who is said to hold the key to saving the Mimiga.

Curly meets the Wise Woman and explains the situation. She reluctantly tells you of a secret grove of flowers growing on the surface of the island. In a forbidden field next to the Frozen Lake. If the Mimiga eat the Flowers there, they will become able to repel the robots. But, she warns Curly that eating the Flowers will have unpredictable effects, and that it will permantantly change them… such a decision should not be made lightly. It is a last resort…

Curly returns to Grasstown to find it under siege. Robots are attacking! They apparently have discovered this location. You fight off the robots to find out that most already evacuated. You are left a recorded message, “the robots found us. I’ve placed the bombs where we first met. If you get this message, please use them to save the captured Mimiga.”
When Curly returns to the enemy base with the bombs, she finds the base in a frenzy. An enemy robot is on the loose causing havoc. They’ve pinned down Quote in the HQ of the base. Curly then needs to set the bombs around the base at the key points Sakamoto Sr. pointed out, and then free the Mimigas in the chaos.

If you follow the plan, the explosions give Quote the distraction needed to escape, and rejoin Curly. If you confront the robot army… Well, Miakid comes out maybe and it’s game over.

When freeing the Mimigas, the elder speaks of an ancient castle located somewhere underground west of the Frozen Lake. There the Crown is said to have been buried…
The Crown is not easily destroyed however, and… Suddenly Quote rejoins you saying it’s time to go! Now, you proceed to the Forbidden Field across from the base, using the damage the bombs have created to hold off the Robots. You pass the Frozen Lake, and find the hidden Forbidden Field of Red Flowers as you were told about. The Mimiga are now pinned here once again, as the army approaches.

They make the decision to eat the Red Flowers, and thank you for giving them a fighting chance for their home and people. Curly offers to stay with them, but it becomes apparent that things are about to get out of hand…

As you are forced to leave, the Robot Army begins to attack only to discover an army of Frenzied Mimigas pouring out, which seem unfazed by the robot’s weapons. Quote and Curly are forced back along with the Robot Army onto the Frozen Lake, in full retreat.
The combined weight of the Robots and the battle, cause the Frozen layer to shatter, and the robots plummet into the water… Quote and Curly included.

They drift down deep to the bottom of a strange trench, but fortunately have air tanks. Down here, there appear to be some kind of ancient ruins… and it seems like they might have just lucked out and found a way into the ruins. Meanwhile robot parts keep falling from the surface…

They find an exit to the lake into some kind of ancient tunnel. But the door is jammed… Soon as the door opens they flood out, causing the room to collapse somewhat, trapping them. Quote and Curly are knocked out in the chaos, and come to in a small area tunnel. While seemingly trapped there is some important dialogue between each other here.
They were so close to where they needed to go… But…

Then at some point later, an earthquake occurs. The place shakes, and debris comes loose revealing a new way out. They follow this cave path for a while, and are attacked by small bats and creatures. Strange, for these creatures to be so violent…
As they make their way through the maze of caves, they run into a familiar Mimiga. The one they saved at the beginning. Robots?!

Quote…? Curly…? It’s me!

He forgot to introduce himself in the beginning. His name is Arthur.
He leads the pair to a nearby village, where survivors from the beginning had fled to.
Arriving at Mimiga Village in its infancy, Quote and Curly arrive and are able to speak with Sakamoto Sr. He informs you about what happened while they were stranded.

The army of Frenzied Mimigas decimated the main robot force, and mostly destroyed the Robot Base. They are unbelievably strong… But, just as we began to celebrate something happened and we lost contact with them. We’re not sure what happened…

(Everything past this point is still in the works)

Apparently the surviving robots are on the move too, and something is happening. It seems that Miakid has betrayed them. He gives you coordinates for a teleporter that will send you to where the robots are regrouping to get him.

You follow and witness the robots enter some kind of base, and before you can follow, watch it seal shut and witness their destruction. A strange witch appears, and Miakid communicates to them. You’ve done well. But, are no longer needed. Miakid has apparently disobeyed commands and they followed him to this location. And that’s when we find out the Crown is in his Hands.

The Core is summoned and the robots are utterly demolished. Their great weapons are useless in here for some reason.

Quote and Curly escape the strange base, and return to the village.
They failed their mission. To destroy the Crown before it fell into the countries hands. Though they did not expect that man to betray the countries. Quote is ready to return as ordered. But… Curly wants to finish it. That man committed terrible things. All those Mimiga… All those robots under his command… She couldn’t leave things unfinished like this.

You speak with Sakamoto once more, and he tells you more about Miakid. And how Sakamoto knew him. Sakamoto blames himself for not seeing a change in Miakid sooner.
You return to the surface, now bright out. Using the information you have, head to the castle where the Crown was previously, to track Miakid’s movements. And sure enough….
After fighting your way through tough obstacles and several maps. You find Miakid waiting in one of the tunnels.

He has betrayed the Surface. The surface robot teams were destroyed, and now the surface armies are scrambling to attack.

He recognizes you from earlier. Has done a little research about your agenda. Hints at Quote and Curly’s leader. He then goes on a spiel about corruption. About how the countries ordered the robots to slaughter the Mimiga. And that He is simply paying back the surface its just desserts. Robots are souless dolls created to wage war, so we don’t have to get our hands dirty. It’s pathetic. Now prepare yourself! I’ll show you what a human is capable of!

The battle is rough, a single special attack hit spells doom. But, in the end Miakid is injured by Curly and Quote’s efforts…

Ugh… “Give up yet?” 😀
“Hmph. I didn’t want to use this, but…” *Click*
*Quote’s eye turns red*
Quote : “Input Override Order.”
“Hahahaha. I’m glad I looked you up. Your creators gave you up quickly.”
Curly : “Quote…? Hey, Quote! Come on, stop fooling around!”
“… What? You’re still functioning?”
Curly : “You’d better let him go, or I’ll…”
“I command you : terminate this robot.”
Curly : “!”
Quote : “Understood.”
Curly : “No… Wait.”
*a shot is fired and grazes Curly*
Curly : “Wake up, Quote!! Stop this!!”
*battle begins*

Real boss battle vs Quote
The final battle with Quote is a rough one. But, if you do enough damage…

“Enough! I order you to finish her! Use everything!”
?(Bane a secret weapon created specifically to counter the Demon Crown’s regenerative properties)?
Quote : “Understood.”
Curly : “I won’t let you control him!”
*Curly shoots and destroys the controller.*
“Whoops… Now no one can stop him. Hahaha.”
Curly : “!”
Quote : “… Executing.”
*Quote shoots her knocking her down*
Curly : “Ugh…”
*Quote steps forward and begins to charge the main weapon*
Curly : “Please, wake up. Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember me?”
Curly : “I’m your friend.”
Quote : “…”
*He stops charging*
Quote : “…Curly?”
“Worthless… Balrog! Hold her!”
Balrog falls down, holding Curly.
*He brandishes his sword and prepares to finish off the downed Curly Brace*
Curly : “L-Let go!”

Now, Die!

*In that instant, Quote blasts Balrog out of the way and moves between Curly and Miakid’s sword.*
Sending him flying to the wall.
Curly is uninjured. But…
Miakid : “…”
Curly : “Quote!!”
*She runs over to Quote.*
Curly : “Hold on…!”
Miakid : “… Why?”
*Misery appears*
“My lord! The surface has begun its attack, as you anticipated.”
Miakid : “I’ve… wasted too much time here. Come. Let’s show them what this island can do.”
“Yes my lord.”
He takes one more look, and then they both leave… as the island begins to shake.

Curly : “Quote…”
*Quote is non-responsive, but there is still life-signs*

Use the Data Cable? (YES/NO)

If you have satisfied the requirements for the best ending, and have the data cables…
Curly attaches the cables to Quote and to herself, while the tunnel begins to collapse.

Establishing Connection…

Connection Granted.

The world goes black at once. Quote disappears. You find yourself in a dark place alone. You are within Quote’s memory, and it’s up to you to find his essential data. You choose left or right on the screen, and it will lead to memories. You have to follow the correct memories in order to reach where his “consciousness” is. There may be very interesting memories about his past, or other items.. but if you wander too far, you’ll become lost, and it will be too late to save Quote.

Once you reach Quote. He will be at the bottom of a large area. He will thank you for coming. Telling her, he’s sorry for what he did. But, it’s too late now. There is no time left… You have to go or you’ll die here too.

You are forced to escape to the top, as waters begin to rise, you’ll drown if you don’t hurry.

Once at the top, the door will open, and… there will be silence… If you leap down to Quote ignoring the water, he will be in shock, and ask why…? Which to Curly will reply, I can’t leave without you… You should know that by now! ;D Something along those lines anyway…

And then “Download Complete.” Will occur, as lifesigns cease functioning.
At this point, the place is caving in, and a large rock begins to fall… Before it hits though, if you look closely… Quote and Curly are teleported? Or perhaps it fades out to show them in rubble, and then that Mimiga Arthur from the beginning shows up later… and carries them to safety.

Which ends Chapter 1 of Cloud Story the unofficial Cave Story prequel.

15 credit images, possible examples
1 – Showing up to save Arthur in the beginning blasting the robots
2 – Riding the Bike during the pursuit battle
3 – Tied up at the execution chamber?
4 – Curly travelling to meet Jenka in the Paradise Zone
5 – Rescuing the Mimigas, while the base explodes
6 – Sinking through the Frozen Lake
7 – Stranded in the tunnel
8 – Boss battle
9 – Boss battle
10 – Arthur with the survivors… including her little sister, and other children
11 – The robots being slaughtered behind the door
12 – Facing Miakid
13 – Battling Quote
14 – Saving Curly
15 – Quote’s memory at the end, staying with him


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