Monthly Archives: September 2011

*Chomp chomp* …

Oh, look who’s awake.
Thought you might be dead.

No! I’m still here!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been on a tangent with learning how to create music, and playing 47 or so RPGmaker games, and trying to get caught up with other things.

Speaking of which… Here’s a few free RPGmaker games I recommend :
The Way – huge epic fantasy RPG

The Longing Ribbon – a short semi-horror experience…

The Blurred Line – A pretty nice sci-fi RPG, that is currently unfinished.

Love and War – Act 1 – There’s a remake coming soon, but it’s already great.

Desert Nightmare – Only just started it, but it looks like a fun one.

There are more games, but that’s a good start (if anyone is interested…)!

Most of these probably require the RPGmaker 2000 RTP. If you need that …

I have nothing to show for Cloud Story at the moment… But, everything I’ve been working on should come in handy down the road. Until then!